Wednesday, 11 November 2015

what if ? Metropolis: 1000 words (new)

The City Of Dolor

I shall tell you of the city of Dolor, A place unlike no other. 

As I travelled into the city of Dolor, I was given a sense of uneasiness, my eyes struggled to adjust to the strange and mysterious architecture that had surrounded me, settlements were weirdly shaped, some sphere shaped with sharp spikes shooting out of all angles, the structures was made up of  dark purples and reds, surrounding the buildings were odd looking trees breaking through the roofs of homes and a small circular hole for a door. The houses were on stilts raised up off the ground as if the residents had to strive just to enter their homes.

I soon came to an opening were I met one of the residents of this strange city, this particular person seemed very odd, he had great big hairy arms longer than his body put together, he told me that many of the residents were old freak show performers, the buildings and there surroundings was built by the people to shelter themselves from the world and shut out all of the angry protesters who despise freaks.

As I carried on my journey I noticed my feet had become damp, I looked down and there I was standing in a river of blood looking water , I looked around and noticed all the homes were connected by this path which lead off to the distance. I then looked up and saw this great spire, the structure was the symbol of the all seeing eye.

Further on my journey I noticed small openings between buildings. As I ventured into one of the openings, I noticed a small cut out tree , this tree had caught my eye because of the symbol carved into the side, the symbol was of an eye. The symbol seemed to  be a sign of worship towards the tower.

I soon became curious, and asked around about the eye, but no one would mention much, all I could gather is that the freaks see this eye as there protection, a way of thinking that  there not so different from others, a beacon of hope that attracts freaks from far out places, to come to the city and live in a safe place, shut out from the outside world.

The city seemed to be split up of two parts, at the back of the city was where the previous freak show owners and high end circus performs  had resided in the city before they all but moved on and abandoned this area, the area was full of tall sphere shaped skyscrapers with glamorous gold structures atop of them, these buildings seemed to be made of a strong  sturdy material, the buildings were colours of, whites,golds,silvers and blues. the high end  area was situated to the back of the city just in front of the all seeing eye tower.

In the front part of the city was where the freaks reside and still live, disturbing spiked, sphere shaped buildings, from what seemed to be made of the old part of the city, most of the buildings seemed to be made out of hellish purply and red colours, the colours seemed to be the same as that of the symbol carved into the tree. Another strange curiosity of the buildings was that some of them had very distinctive features such as weird looking, tree like spikes coming out of the sides, or feather like sculptures sticking out from the sides of buildings.

One of the locals offered to bring me inside one of the  homes, so I gladly accepted and ventured into the home, as I had predicted I was made to climb into the small circular door way, possible because these homes were of an old building structure. As I entered the house I came to huge open area inside the house, in this area there was a bench, a table, two shelfs which had what seemed to be boxes of some kind and an old rug to cover the floor.

as I left the house, I decided to go for a walk and see the city from the outside, I climbed a hill which was situated opposite the city, the view was spectacular, the city was full a mixture of glamour and hellish designs, the sky had a slight purply tint, and the sun shone down, hitting the golden skyscraper sculptures, to show all that was hidden, now I could see that the city was actually cut in half by the definitive of the new and the old areas. The freaks area seemed to be more mud tracked with the river of watery blood giving the city a disturbing feel.

I could see now that the freaks homes seemed as if they were cursed, that all they could do was prey to this huge tower of the all seeing eye, a tower which seemed to be made of a magical construct, beams of light shot off the tower, hitting down onto the city below.

as I sat there I came to a thought , the city strongly reminds me of a religious like aspect, the high end city was lavish and full of money as if this was heaven colours of white and gold, and on the other end was the freaks homes, covered in hellish looking colours and disturbing aspect of the buildings, the wall could be seen as the gates of heaven and even be the tower could be the one looking over the city, perhaps the freaks prayed to seek passage into the enlightened area.

This was the City of Dolor full of freaks, a place were Hopes and dreams are not what they seem, the city that hides its true meaning in plain sight and the mysteries of the all seeing eye which I shall never truly understand its true purpose.    

This is the City Of Dolor.

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