Friday, 30 September 2016

Illustration: Colouring monster design

Here I took my previous drawing from the last lesson and imported it into illustrator, I then added fill colour, shadows and highlights to my drawing.

I am going to carry on working on this design as I believe it still can be improved.

Animation: Pendulum animation, Good and Bad versions

Here we had to make two animations of a pendulum, One of the animations had to be a bad example of an animation where the pendulum just followed a straight line.

The other animation was done properly, where the pendulum followed an arc which was the correct way.

Animation: Showing difference in Speed

Flash Animation - Trying to show the different speeds of the animation to show a more realistic aspect with the object speeding up and slowing down.
In The above animation, I am showing a evenly spaced animation showing one smooth flow of speed.
For my second animation, I am showing the difference in speed where the object is slow at the start, gets quicker in the middle as it would of had more speed and then slowing down again as the object comes to a stop.

Life Drawing - Lesson 2

Here Is my second lesson of life drawing, In this session, we had a female model, and was asked to use different drawing techniques, such as, continuous line,using the dark and lights to form the figure.
Another task we did was some quick 2 min drawings which are aim was to just capture the model as best we could in that time frame.

Life Drawing - Lesson 1

Here is my first life drawing for the year, we had a male model for our first lesson and was only allowed to use basic drawing materials for this sessions.

Life Drawing - Lesson 1

Here is my first life drawing for the year, we had a male model for our first lesson and was only allowed to use basic drawing materials for this sessions.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Argia_Concept_2 (In Progress)

This is very early on in development, But wanted to upload to see if the colours that I am using are working well or if I should look into darker/lighter colours.

Any feedback will be appreciated.


First concept for the City Argia, There is still some editing to do but most of the work is there.

I looked into Caverns for the main design of the concept, and through my research I was given the idea of water running through the city/cave, which will then be used as a water resource for the city.

Sunday, 25 September 2016


Here are some ideas for the city Argia, I thought I should do two variants as I wanted to show the base design, but then I wanted to show how the city would get energy which is through the electrical stalagmites that release electrical gases that is then extracted and turned into power, which is why there is blue fog coming from the stalagmites.

Invisible Cities_Thumbnails_9 - 12

Invisible Cities_Thumbnails_5-8

Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday Afternoon_Lesson_1

Here we was give at random - Character, Number of legs, Number of arms and Number of eyes.

For mine I was given - Cheerleader with 0 Legs, 4 Arms and 3 Eyes.

I decided to give my character wings as a result of having no legs.


Here I had to draw my face and morph it into a food and then an animal.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Invisible Cities_Thumbnails_1-4

Here we looked into using the lasso tools to try and make the thumbnails abstract.

Top Left - 1
Top Right - 2
Bottom Left - 3
Bottom Right - 4


In this exercise I had to Re-draw the image on the left, using photoshop, so that we could understand different brush strokes and getting the correct color shades/blends.