Friday, 17 February 2017

Animation: Lip sync Animation

@phil Script to Screen : Character Design

from my feedback and from Simon's help, I decided to use illustrator as the starting point for my design, this helped me achieve cleaner lines and curves in my work and helped me a lot in time management, I then exported my design and added final touches in Photoshop.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

(Incomplete) Script to Screen OGR 2

Script to Screen by Sam on Scribd

This is an unfinished Ogr, due to poor time management that I accept needs to be changed, I will continue work for the requirements of the OGR and will upload a completed presentation asap.

I have about four frames left for my storyboard, further character,prop and environment designs and also the script.

(apologise for not having a completed ogr on time)

Audition: Mixing sound to create a song

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Maya Tutorial: Santa Hat

Maya Tutorial: Fur Textures

Script to Screen: Influence Map 1

For my influence map, I looked into different variations of wastelands as my environment is going to be an wasteland on an alien planet, I also looked into futuristic styled windmills and concept work from the film Megamind as this is a possible design idea for my Rocket Scientist.

Story idea 2

Uses power from his home in the windmill to generate energy for his rocket
Alien go to earth to steal trees, then takes back and they die
Bring second lot to windmill and uses power to generate air to keep alive
Uses trees for Xmas and (possibly turns them into a rocket)

Story idea: 

There was an alien scientist who wanted to explore new cultures and planets, he came across earth and at this time it was christmas and the scientist wanted to have a christmas for himself.

The alien scientist got in his spaceship and travelled to earth, he gathered some christmas trees and cam back to his own planet, he planted the trees outside but the land was a wasteland and the christmas tree's died. This made him feel sad and so he got the idea of making his home which was a windmill into a machine that would produce oxygen so that his christmas trees would survive.

he travels back to earth to gather more trees and brings them back home with him, this time the christmas trees survived and so he could finally celebrate christmas himself.

(possible add on to the story)

after the rocket scientist had celebrated his christmas, he made the christmas trees into rockets for a final send off, he sets off the rockets and they explode into a shower of snow.

Break down:

Uses power from his home in the windmill to generate energy for his rocket
Alien goes to earth to steal christmas trees, then takes them back home, the trees die
and so he goes and gets more, and turns then windmill into a generator, he uses power to generate air to keep the trees alive.

Uses trees for Xmas and (possibly turns them into a rocket)

(wasn't too sure how to finally get my idea across, but hopefully this will make enough sence to understand the plot of the story)

Audition: Experimenting with, Tone, Noise and speech