Saturday, 30 January 2016

Character Design: Environments

Here Are Three designs, that I had to do in my character design lesson's. 

I was given an Evil Santa's Workshop and had to come up with some environmental images for that concept. 

Surgery Exterior/Interior: Influence Maps

My idea for the exterior of the surgery was a small house/building that seemed very innocent and one the passers by would not take any notice of other than it was a surgery.

For the interior of the surgery I went very dark with, dark rooms,blood stained floor, a long hallway leading to the basement, I also put in an idea for the collection which was glass display cases holding various body parts.

Influence Map: Surgeon

Here are a few ideas that helped me give a design to my surgeon, I have looked into game design,film design and animation design.

Script to Screen: Character Ideas

Here is a design for my surgeon I thought I should make him old  but also give him some deformities which would give him reason to be obsessed with his collection, I had an idea of making all the people bug like just so everything wasn't so normal and human but I have not yet fully considered this.

I have also done a design for a patient, I made the man obese as this would give him reason to go to a cosmetic surgeon, I thought the fat look would be good as well as in my view it gave me more room for character design rather than a skinny patient. I like the idea as this will fit in well with my story.

Character Lesson :2

Here I took a simple character and gave it a variety of aspects to form a new and different character.

Life Drawing Lesson 11

Here I study more on the bodes form and position rather than a detailed drawing.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Word: Breakdown

Here I broke down Some of the words, I would take the word and point what I thought they could relate to.

Ideas for a potential story

This was just a quick influential ideas page, that is more of a personal benefit in which I look at and use the sources I had suggested in further research.

Post Explaining ...

This is just a message to say the maya tutorial videos will be uploaded as soon as I have converted them into a reliable format and one that is able to work on blogger.

also the soundscape experimenting will be uploaded as soon as i get the right format.

Life Drawing: Lesson 10

In this lesson I tried to gather all the skills that I have learned in previous lesson and combine them together, I also attempted to do the models face,hands and feet as I know this some area's I need to improve on. Overall I personally feel a sense of improvement with these drawing and hope for my next lesson that my skills will have developed further.

Life Drawing: Lesson 9


Here I focused on thickening the lines were the body showed weight on the area.

Life Drawing: Lesson 8

Here I focused on using the lights and darks of colours to show the bodies shadows and structure.

Life Drawing: Lesson 7

Here was another life drawing lesson focusing on the figure but also filling in the background to make the figure more defined.

Life Drawing: Lesson 6

Here I focused on the movement of the figure as we was eventually going to turn the movements into a flash animation.

Life: Drawing Lesson 5

Here I focused on the figure rather than the face, as the model was wearing clothing I also looked into the way the clothing formed around the body.

Life Drawing: Lesson 4

Here I focused on using charcoal to bring out the figure and add depth using white chalk.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Script to Screen: OGR


Film Reviews:

Maya tutorials:

Life Drawing:

Friday, 15 January 2016

Flash Animation: Strawberry Taste

Here I made an animation of the taste of strawberry, I understood further into how to use a classic tween since my last lesson and I have used this in the animation.

Flash Animation: Vanilla Scent

This was my first attempt at using tweens, I stuck with using the classic tween, I also picked colours that seemed to be associated with the scent of vanilla.