Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Concept #6

Here Is another concept piece that i feel could possibly be for my final, I looked into perspective to give the city depth. I liked the colours I had used for this concept but also the designs and layout of the work. I feel I am most likely going to choose this concept for my final piece as It seems to bring a piece of all my previous concept art into one.


  1. Keep at it Samwise!

    I'm enjoying this one the most, the fact that you've lowered some of the background buildings below the horizon line is helping with the sense of depth.

    When did those flying things come about? and what are they?

    But yes'm, keep going. You're at the black gate of mordor and you need to get to the mountain and throw the ring into the flames.

    Throw the ring into the flames Sam!

    1. aha thanks Sour Crouch, you really helped me out with my perspectives. I thought of them today, just figured the sky needed something in it, so added some sort of space ships kind of storage transporters or something kinda thought of the ishimura as a sort of base design. haha thanks I will hope to conquer my quest soon.

      Onwards !!!


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