Monday, 23 January 2017

Maya Tutorial: Shading and Texturing Part 3

For this tutorial we worked on making our geometry into an x ray texture by manipulating the shades and various nodes of the object/texture.

Maya Tutorial: Shading and Texturing Part 2

Here we worked on glass texture,lighting and reflective attributes, to give an almost realistic design.

Maya Tutorial: Shading and Texturing Part 1

Here we added an image to the empty page of the book, we worked on the nodes and texture of the image so that it would fit the page and the quality was good.

Adobe Audition: Creating sound

Here I created a space themed sound using a sound recording of a lion and a guitar and manipulated the pitch and added various effects to change the sound and create a more space atmospheric sound.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Script to Screen : Story idea

Script to Screen Story Idea


Rocket Scientist, Windmill, Christmas Tree

A Rocket Scientist called Rick loved christmas time as one of his best memories of christmas was when he was just 8 years old and his mum had bought him a model rocket set, it was the racer red colour that rick always said made his rocket the fastest ever created with the streamline wings that sliced throughout the air, well this was ricks imagination of course but never stopped him believing in the wonders of science and technology.  Ever since that moment Rick became obsessed with the ideas and designs of all types of rockets, he started to find random objects such as a microwave or even a slipper and turned it into a rocket, he found comfort and joy every time his work was finished but never felt that he had fully achieved his goals and happiness he needed a design that was going to fulfil his goals.

Rick decided to move to an old windmill on the far cliffs of his home town so he was able to finally set up his workshop and begin his experiments.

He struggles and struggles to find the design he is looking for and by this time christmas had come around yet again, he was there sitting in his living room just staring at his christmas tree, when all of a sudden he came up with the idea of making the christmas tree into a rocket, so he got to work , days and days he spent working on his grand design, until he had finally made it, he stood there in aue at his grand design and finally felt he had achieved his goal and felt fulfilled in his work.

he sets off the rocket and it explodes into a shower of white light.

Script to Screen OGR Part 1

Film Review:
Maya Tutorial:
Life Drawing:

Friday, 20 January 2017

Editing film clips and creating a sequence

Coverage (2) from Sam Avery on Vimeo.

Film Review: La Jetee

Fig.1 La Jetee Poster.

La Jetee was directed by Chris Marker in 1962.

The film In a whole is a series of still images with narration explaining what the images are representing, The film is about the aftermath of World War Three in Paris and the means to stop the tragedy by using time travel.

Patrick Samuel said: "Set in the aftermath of World War III in the bombed out city of Paris, we meet survivors who are kept underground in the Palais de Chaillot galleries. This is where experiments in time travel are taking place. It’s also where we meet an un-named man – a prisoner – he’s the only one who can withstand the effects of the experiments. He’s desperate to solve the puzzle of the image that haunts him; when he witnessed the death of a man, and the woman who watched it with him. Her face remains burned in his memory." (Samuel,2013)

Fig.2 Film Still.

A group of scientist start to experiment with time travel by fining humans who will be able to withstand the shock of time travel, after many failed attempts the scientists turn to  prisoner who seems to be capable of withstanding time travel, he is sent to his pre-war past where he would of been a child and meets a women who he soon develops feelings for and forms a relationship with her, he is then sent to the future to gather help on stopping the war, the future kind give him a devise to stop the war. Once the war has been stopped the man is told he is able to stay with the future kind, he instead requests to be sent back to the pre-war times to join the women he had fallen in love with.

Fig.3 Woman from the past.

After he is sent back he finds the women but realizes she has been killed by one of the scientist agents, the agent then turns and kills him, destroying any association with the parallel world and the means of time travel.

"This classic 'photo-roman' about the power of memory - 'the story of a man marked by an image of his childhood' - begins at Orly airport a few years before WWIII. That image is of a woman's face at the end of the pier; and in the post-apocalyptic world the man now inhabits as a prisoner, he is given the chance to discover its true significance as a guinea-pig in a time travel experiment. Marker uses monochrome images recognisably from the past, such as the ruins of Europe after WWII, and with a few small props and effects, subtly suggests a future environment. The soundtrack's texture is similarly sparse, and the fluid montage leads the viewer into the sensation of watching moving images. Until, that is, an extraordinary epiphany when an image genuinely does move: the man's sleeping lover opens her eyes." DT


Patrick Samuel January 3rd, 2013,

DT (There where no dates stated on the webpage) :