Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Character Design: Antibiotics #2

Here is a few more ideas for my antibiotics, with the feedback from my tutor, I went back and added minor design changes so that my antibiotic would come across as a more friendlier and safer type of character for the body.

For these designs I looked at the making the body circular as this gives the feeling of safety and non-harming, I also did a simple re-design and added safe looking limbs ( arms, legs), and just to experiment, I removed the body completely and instead made my character, have less human characteristics and more of a search drone characteristic , were the antibiotics would  be more of a programmed cleaner robot, seeking out and floating around the body.

I am hoping to come back to these design's to experiment/develop further.

Fantastic Voyage: character Designs: Antibiotics

Here are some of my ideas for the antibiotics figure, I did a variety of colour comps but kept the figure more or less the same, I wanted my antibiotic to have a pill shaped head but also a way to allow the character to be able to fight, this is why I have the open on the head.

I also had the idea that the head could be in a way seen as a search light, as the antibiotics have to seek out the bacteria and so this could be seen as a scanner to hunt and kill the bacteria.

I see the antibiotic of some variant of an computer virus killer, as it is programmed to identify,seek out, kill and protect the body from further bacteria occurrences.

I also added two silhouette variants so that you can see just the shape of the figure.

Below is my influences for this character design.

Fantastic Voyage: character Ideas

Here are some initial ideas for my bacteria designs, I am thinking of aiming my target audience at small children.

For the first idea I imaged a spiked figure that looked evil and in a way robotic looking, as bacteria is created via self  manufacturing the RNA, plus this would give me an open area to be able to add features such as shields,body modifications and weapons as this is what the bacteria can evolve into.

For the second idea I imaged the cold virus, not all too sure if the cold virus comes under bacteria, but will do more research into this, I also used colour that is associated with becoming ill.

Finally for my third idea, I went back to the first idea for a basis but then imagined that this type of bacteria could be small variants of the big bacteria that breaks of when the big bacteria is destroyed, this type of bacteria would be seen as the cells that go out and seek information to bring back to the main bacteria for it to then become protected against the antibiotics.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Surgeon Face Experiments

Here I experimented with various ways to show the surgeons eyes which was my main focus in this experiment, I also added minor details to the mask of the surgeon.

Surgeon designs: experimenting

Here I made some rough ideas of my surgeon just to get a feel of what he looked like and experimented with the colours.  I tried to stick to the generic surgeon uniform colours, but seeing how he is like a home surgeon I may make the colours more casual looking.

For the second design, I experimented with a non-human looking character with claws for hands and a different skin colour, I did this just to experiment with what I thought would work and if a change from a human doctor would give my character that extra edge.