Sunday, 22 January 2017

Script to Screen : Story idea

Script to Screen Story Idea


Rocket Scientist, Windmill, Christmas Tree

A Rocket Scientist called Rick loved christmas time as one of his best memories of christmas was when he was just 8 years old and his mum had bought him a model rocket set, it was the racer red colour that rick always said made his rocket the fastest ever created with the streamline wings that sliced throughout the air, well this was ricks imagination of course but never stopped him believing in the wonders of science and technology.  Ever since that moment Rick became obsessed with the ideas and designs of all types of rockets, he started to find random objects such as a microwave or even a slipper and turned it into a rocket, he found comfort and joy every time his work was finished but never felt that he had fully achieved his goals and happiness he needed a design that was going to fulfil his goals.

Rick decided to move to an old windmill on the far cliffs of his home town so he was able to finally set up his workshop and begin his experiments.

He struggles and struggles to find the design he is looking for and by this time christmas had come around yet again, he was there sitting in his living room just staring at his christmas tree, when all of a sudden he came up with the idea of making the christmas tree into a rocket, so he got to work , days and days he spent working on his grand design, until he had finally made it, he stood there in aue at his grand design and finally felt he had achieved his goal and felt fulfilled in his work.

he sets off the rocket and it explodes into a shower of white light.

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