Sunday, 22 January 2017

Script to Screen OGR Part 1

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  1. OGR 24/01/17

    Hey Sam - first things first - no, you can re-use your own storyboard for the like-for-like! Lazy beggar! The exercise is supposed to teach you something about coverage and camera and shot-type - get on with it - and choose something challenging!!! *tutorphil shakes head in disbelief* ;)

    Now, if you've been looking at other people's feedback you'll know what's coming... right now, your story doesn't make a whole lot of sense and it gives the impression of someone just sticking the components together in the hope that something works - it mostly doesn't, with the exception of the nice thing about the Christmas present rocket inspiring the boy to become a rocket scientist...

    You know, I think you're being super literal here - so let's turn things on its head: let's imagine that the 'rocket scientist' isn't a human rocket scientist but an alien rocket scientist who is observing Earth and who is desperate to have a bit of 'Christmas' on his own planet - maybe he's sick of making 'rockets' - which might not be spaceships, but weapons - maybe he wants to bring peace and goodwill, as opposed to death and destruction. As this is an alien plant, the laboratory might be wind-powered in some elaborate, sci-fi way - maybe war has turned the planet into a blasted wasteground, with howling space storms, and the scientist's windmill is the only way of creating electricity for his work. I do think there is a natural relationship between something like this;

    and this:

    So maybe there's a Peace message in here somewhere - a rocket scientist tired of making war turns the entire arsenal into a field of Christmas trees. You could do it as a nice bit of mis-direction: so, you establish that we're on a alien planet where a rocket scientist in his wind-powered laboratory is spying on Earth and its Christmas celebrations. The lab itself is maybe surround by fields of upright missiles - all looking black and deadly. The scientist is doing something - making calculations - and we're thinking that this guy is planning on destroying the earth by launching all the missiles. There's some kind of montage between the sails of the windmill outside and a monitor in the lab - when the wind blows at a certain strength, there will be enough power to compete the scientist's evil scheme - to launch the missiles! So, the tension builds, the wind rises, the blades of the windmills turn - we see lights come on, a lunch sequence activated, a countdown and then... what happens instead is the whole field of missiles is lit up with fairy lights - he wasn't trying to blow up the earth - he just wanted Christmas for himself... or indeed something like that. You've got to work harder, Sam, at pushing yourself past what is obvious - and what is obviously not working. It's always the same advice - make the story components work and look at them more creatively and less literally...