Wednesday, 8 February 2017

(Incomplete) Script to Screen OGR 2

Script to Screen by Sam on Scribd

This is an unfinished Ogr, due to poor time management that I accept needs to be changed, I will continue work for the requirements of the OGR and will upload a completed presentation asap.

I have about four frames left for my storyboard, further character,prop and environment designs and also the script.

(apologise for not having a completed ogr on time)

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  1. OGR 10/02/2017

    Hi Sam - okay - you have one BIG challenge here and that is to professionalise your character design skills and not settle for anything less. I want you to go onto myUCA/Story&Commission and look at the Character Design Resource folder and undertake some of the demonstration of drawing principles outlined there; you cannot suffice yourself with your current level of 'drawing' because it's capping your ability to design anything meaningfully. You've got an alien to design, a spaceship, and alien world etc - all amazing opportunities for a CG artist, but you need to actually *try* and design something, as opposed to drawing what comes first to your imagination. Alien can mean blobs, squids, robots, three armed pyramids... whatever, the list is endless. I'd like to see you dealing with your own imagination and giving it more of a workout. You need to take on some new core skills re. 'how to draw three dimensionally' and you need to research more to design more interestingly. And this is the LAST TIME you play the old 'time management' card - enough already; you know how challenging this project is and what it requires, so it can't have come as a shock. Onwards - and I want to see on this blog evidence that you're trying on some new techniques in regards to designing and drawing characters please.