Wednesday, 23 November 2016

What If Metropolis ? OGR Part 2

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  1. OGR 24/11/2016

    Hey Sam - well done - you're onto something here, and you've succeeded at getting some of that Erte-elegance and Deco glamour into your concept art. Your challenge now is a simple but IMPORTANT one - and it's all about attention to detail and showmanship.

    Right now, we're left looking at a very big expanse of boring floor and at a rather underwhelming 'altar' or font (not sure what the significance of the grey/silver object is at centre-middle of the set?). We're also left looking at a lot of blank walls and plain doors etc. Your job is to put Erte through everything and dial up the glamour. What about uplighters set into the floor to create a kind of catwalk for example?

    What about Deco floor tiles or carpets?

    What about panels of Art Deco flock-style wallpaper?

    What about Art Deco doors?

    Short version, you've come a long way from your first thumbnails, but you need to keep going. There's lots more design to be done here and attention to detail. It's not hard or tricky, it's just seeing the opportunities for enriching your world.

    One thing I would note is I'm not sure how 'Erte' your current colour scheme is - it's a bit saturated. Can I suggest that you colour pick from one of Erte's designs and work up a colour palette that way? I think your rather attached to this colour range, and I don't think it's on message enough: consider picking your ranges from work such as:


    (I think your scene will feel more elegant and sophisticated if you drop the shocking pink!).

    Short version - great development since your last OGR - but some things to reflect on: one - what is the 'altar'? It just doesn't look important enough to design enough to be taking centre-stage - whatever it is, it needs to be bigger/better! Look at all the plain surfaces you're presenting us this - these are opportunities - use them. Colour palette - go back to Erte and let him be your guide...