Friday, 30 September 2016

Animation: Pendulum animation, Good and Bad versions

Here we had to make two animations of a pendulum, One of the animations had to be a bad example of an animation where the pendulum just followed a straight line.

The other animation was done properly, where the pendulum followed an arc which was the correct way.


  1. There's something a little off about both of these examples, did you do the full 24fps for each direction? So the loop should be over 48frames.
    The bottom animation also looks like you slow down in the middle, instead, it should be fast in the middle and slow on either end for the ease in and ease out effect.

    1. I think I may of not done the full 48 frames, Thanks for the feedback, I will go back and edit these animations correctly and re-post once I have finished them.

    2. Ok, I'll check back on this.