Monday, 14 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Pitch Presentation


  1. Hey Sam,

    A summary of points raised at the pitch:

    Design of bacteria and antibiotic: as they are free-floating objects, reconsider their 'flat' bottoms, as this suggests they're designed for the ground, when they don't in fact use the ground.

    Re-consider your approach to showing the way the antibiotic damages the bacteria - avoid the organic 'slime' thing you're depicting, and look instead at the sort of 'pixel damage' you might see in something like Space Invaders: (look at damage to bases in this image).

    People felt that the black and white was really helping stage your action scenes - so think carefully re. introducing colour - make sure your world isn't too busy or hectic. Keep it clean and simple.

    In terms of your script, avoid referring to the antibiotics as 'creatures' - Dr Klappa suggested the use of the word 'compound' instead.

    Consider show more accurately they way in which bacteria mutate - so show the antibiotics killing lots of bacteria, but show some of them survive, and show those multiplying etc.

    Peter Klappa's email is

    I suggest you send him your script and get his revisions direct from him.

    In terms of colour design, check out this resource - it helps you put striking palettes together:

  2. Thank you for doing this, it is really helpful