Monday, 7 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Concept #4

For this design I made the antibiotics have a floating/flying motion, I also made it so  the  area in which either character is in, the surroundings contribute to their characteristics, such as the bacteria produces lethal spikes in the ground, rather than the antibiotic produces neutralising crystals that help protect and repair the body.


  1. I like the contrast between the two. The spiky, chaotic bacterium and the cute, dainty, helpful antibiotic.

    I wonder if it may be misleading to show antibiotics as a protector of the body. Crystals vs spikes is an idea you could work with, just be wary as there's a fair bit of misunderstanding out there over antibiotics.

    1. Just to clarify making him a protector is okay, its a nice ocntrast. But suggesting antibiotics repair the damaged body is what concerns me.

    2. thanks for the feedback, I will look further Into what the antibiotics main focuses are, and see if I can redesign my antibiotic, so that it becomes more appropriate for the tasks and for the environment it is in.

      From what you have said, I will be sure to stay away from the repairing the body concept.