Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage: character Designs: Antibiotics

Here are some of my ideas for the antibiotics figure, I did a variety of colour comps but kept the figure more or less the same, I wanted my antibiotic to have a pill shaped head but also a way to allow the character to be able to fight, this is why I have the open on the head.

I also had the idea that the head could be in a way seen as a search light, as the antibiotics have to seek out the bacteria and so this could be seen as a scanner to hunt and kill the bacteria.

I see the antibiotic of some variant of an computer virus killer, as it is programmed to identify,seek out, kill and protect the body from further bacteria occurrences.

I also added two silhouette variants so that you can see just the shape of the figure.

Below is my influences for this character design.


  1. Hey Sam - I like this little guy - I prefer him simpler though - and maybe you should reconsider all those sharp little points of his arms and legs - it makes him look like he could do our insides a bit of damage. Think about softening up his appearance in this respect, so maybe look at the following for reference (I'm talking about the limbs, so legs, arms, hands, feet etc).

    1. thanks phil, I will look at your references and see how I can make my character more body friendly : )