Wednesday, 20 January 2016

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  1. OGR 21/01/16

    Hi Sam - okay, the smoothie creates a masterpiece is a nice touch, but maybe it's just me, but there's some dark attraction between the 'Cosmetic Surgeon' and 'Food Blender' that is glimmering in a macabre way. When I think about cosmetic surgery, I also think about all the bits that get 'thrown away' so the liposuction stuff, and bits and bobs, and then I think about the food blender, and things get a bit disgusting - but there's *something* there. Also, when I think about the word 'art gallery' I'm not immediately thinking about the galleries you visit in London, but about the sort of collections that a person might think of as art, and how they might put their exhibits together to form 'a gallery'. In this sense, a gallery might be a single room filled with exhibits - like being invited to someone's house and they have a spare room, which they refer to as their 'art gallery' because it houses their special collection.

    Maybe it's because cosmetic surgeons are a bit creepy that I can't quite get rid of the idea that your components are adding up to a much less 'sunny' story; the idea of a cosmetic surgeon wishing to be taken more seriously as an 'artist', I find to be a bit chilling; it sounds arrogant to me; it sounds like someone who thinks of themselves as a sculptor, as a genius, as someone deserving of more praise; he sounds, in truth, like a bit of a nutter! Maybe I've seen one to many serial killer movies, but the idea of a cosmetic surgeon having a 'private collection' or 'art gallery' starts to give me the creeps. I'm left wondering just what might be in that collection... and now I'm thinking about what's in that food blender too...

    1. Thats really helpful feedback phil thanks, I was thinking about making my story into a dark animation but couldn't quite grasp how to turn it that way, with your feedback I am going to see if I can come up with another story along the lines of the personal collection of the mad surgeon.