Sunday, 27 September 2015

Influence Maps #1

Here I have created two influence maps that I feel gives me inspiration and ideas for my city Designs. I feel these influence maps will help me by them becoming a reference for my work, and also it will allow me to think of new ideas from the images I have collected.

For my first influence map, I had ideas of a city full of light and sound. I had collected images that I felt had a sence of the beauty of night life, where it may seem dull in the day but becomes a completely new place at night; just like a city that never sleeps, a city that is awakened at night.

I also found inspiration from the Brazilian Favelas, as this was a place full of poverty and misfortune. However people had come together and made the area brighter and more welcoming, this gave me the idea of a run down city, being given life by the lights and sounds within the city walls.

Some of Kadinkys paintings had also inspired me, as I studied how just a few random shapes and colours could come together and become one within the painting, as if this could become a bigger picture such as buildings being full of distortion and oddity but with colour it makes the buildings become unique and intriguing.

For my second influence map, I had the idea of an old victorian themed city that had come together with the future.  For my main images of this map I had looked into game world cites such as, Dishonored, Thief and Bioshock Infinite. All of these worlds seemed to be out of time with the modernism look but in fact had more scientific aspects then any other normal city. A mix of a steam punk era with the dawn of technology.


  1. nice maps, Sam - that top one 'pops!' Can't wait to see how these influences manifest in your own thumbnails :)

    1. thanks for the feedback, glad you liked the influence map : )